the adventures of jaw surgery

This blog is meant to record my long and treacherous path to a perfectly functioning smile. When I learned that I would have to have my jaw broken, I scoured the
internet for stories of others who had already undergone the same thing. To my surprise, there weren't many complete descriptions of the whole process. Hopefully, this will provide people in similar situations with details, facts, and stories that will maybe help them face their own surgery. Mostly, though, this is a way for me to express, vent, and entertain myself for the duration of this ordeal. Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 15, 2013

8 Months Post Op - Braces off!

It's been 8 months since my surgery, and a couple months ago they took my braces off! Now is just the first time I've had time to post about it. It was all worth it!


  1. Jordan!!! Oh my gosh!!! You look unreal girl! Beautiful! I cannot wait to reach the end!! Are you 100% satisfied with the results? :) You look amazing

  2. Thank you! I am 100% happy with them. My teeth touch, and my profile looks better. The end is the best part! Just keep holding on till then!